Today, Jeff Clements, co-founder of Free Speech For People and author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money and Global Corporationspenned an op-ed in The Hill reminding readers of the significance of constitutional amendments.

Clements explains that Amendments, not Justices, ended slavery, won equal protection, voting rights, votes for women and secured the rights of Americans.

“Constitutional amendments, not new Supreme Court Justices, ended slavery, guaranteed equal protection and voting rights regardless of race, won the vote for women, enabled a progressive income tax, ended the poll tax barrier to voting, and prevented States from depriving Americans over eighteen years old the right to vote based on age.

Eight times Americans used the Constitutional amendment process to overturn Supreme Court decisions.  In each instance, numerous changes in the line-up of Supreme Court Justices failed to move the Court from its error. Between the Court’s 1875 decision that denied women the right to vote and the 19th Amendment that won that right in 1920, twenty-five Supreme Court Justices died or retired and were replaced by new justices. Justices came and went for decades, and millions of American women lived and died without a vote or a voice in our democracy.”

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