Reporter Maura Dolan of the Los Angeles Times reported from yesterday’s oral arguments in the case on whether or not to restore California Proposition 49, “The Overturn Citizens United Act”, back to the ballot.  Highlights from the coverage are shown below in quotes:

Some justices seemed to want a narrow decision based on the right of state legislatures to query voters on possible federal constitutional amendments. Others said California law gives the Legislature the right to put all sorts of advisory measures on the ballot.

Justice Goodwin Liu expressed concern Tuesday that a broad ruling would give the Legislature unfettered rights that citizens lack. The state high court has ruled in the past that citizens may not put advisory measures on the ballot by initiative.

Liu said the Citizens United measure was “skewed” to attract a vote in favor of repeal and to “marshal” support for the Legislature’s viewpoint.

“We need to know where we’re headed in this case, because once we open that door, it is very hard to shut,” Liu said.

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