Late last night, the Massachusetts State House took the historic step of unanimously approving a resolution calling on Congress to overrule the Citizens United decision with a constitutional amendment restoring democracy to the American people.

The State House’s unanimous voice vote last night follows an almost equally overwhelming vote of 35 to 1 in the State Senate to approve a similar resolution last Thursday.

Both votes were solidly bipartisan, with the Republicans House leadership supporting the unanimous voice vote in the State House last night, and all Republicans joining all but one Democrat in the overwhelming 35-1 roll call vote in the State Senate on Thursday.

All of this is a huge step forward, thanks to the efforts of citizens throughout the state who’ve stood up courageously for the principle that we, the people, not we, the corporations, are the ones in charge of American democracy.

Massachusetts is now the 7th state in the country to officially call for an amendment, joining California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Free Speech For People is proud to have launched this effort for a statewide resolution in Massachusetts more than a year ago.

We thank our friends at Common Cause Massachusetts, MassVOTE, Public Citizen, MassPIRG, Greater Boston Coffee Party, Berkeley Environmental Action Team, League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Nurses Association, and Corporate Accountability International, who joined us in helping to achieve this victory today.

But most of all, we thank the people of Massachusetts, and you, our supporters. Together, we are making history.


Click here to download the press release.