How do I submit a matching gift form to Free Speech For People?

You may email the form to contact(at)freespeechforpeople(dot)org or mail the form to:

Free Speech For People
PO Box 4914
Austin, TX 78765


What is Free Speech For People’s Tax ID Number?

Free Speech For People’s Tax ID Number (Employer Identification Number) is 45-0709993.


Do companies offer matching gift programs to retirees?

Yes, some companies match gifts made by retirees. Please ask your former employer if they have a matching gift program for retirees.


What is the deadline for having a gift matched?

Each company has its own deadline for submitting a matching gift request, from 30 days to 12 months. Please search your employer’s matching gift guidelines to confirm their deadlines.


I already made a donation; is that gift eligible for a match?

Possibly! Many programs have a generous timeframe to request a match, and depending on how long ago you made your gift (even within 12 months), your gift may be eligible for a match.


Is a gift made by my spouse eligible for a match?

Possibly! Many companies match gifts made by an employee’s spouse.


Are donations through my employer’s workplace giving campaign eligible for a match?

Possibly! Many employers that hold workplace giving campaigns—with gifts made via payroll deduction or credit card—also provide a match on those gifts.


Whom should I contact to get this set up?

Please contact your HR department and ask that Free Speech For People be considered for matching by your employer.


Whom do I contact if I have still have questions?

Please contact Lisa Chang, Director of Development, with any questions.