Journalist John Nichols explains how the president blatantly tried to block a federal investigation. That’s obstruction of justice, as he points out. His latest piece in The Nation indicates that there’s already a good case for obstruction of justice — and the Campaign to Impeach Donald Trump Now is a leading the way in holding President Trump accountable. As Nichols reports,

After the president fired FBI director James Comey—in what Trump essentially admitted in a nationally televised interview was a blatant attempt to thwart the bureau’s investigation into the charges of Russian involvement with his campaign—Pocan said the “impeachment clock” had moved “an hour closer to midnight.” When it was revealed that Trump had confided to Russian officials after the Comey firing that “I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off,” the impeachment clock’s alarm sounded.”

Now the grounds for impeachment are growing and the stakes are rising. It’s up for ‘we the people’ to put the constitution before party lines and political strategy — it’s time to make the case for impeaching Trump!

 “Impeachment is not a “constitutional crisis”; it is rather the cure for one. A failure to apply that cure, for reasons of caution or partisan calculation, is a form of political malpractice that ill serves the republic that not just presidents but members of Congress swear to defend.”

We’re ready to save our democracy! Read the article on The Nation.