Voting rights lawyers at Free Speech For People will partner with See Something, Say Something 2020 initiative to collect incidents of voter suppression and election irregularities

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 27, 2020) – With less than two weeks until Election Day and over 47 million early votes cast across the country, Free Speech For People has announced that it will be working with the SeeSay2020 initiative to identify, expose and take action to combat incidents of voter intimidation, suppression and voting machine issues. The See Something, Say Something 2020 initiative ( is an online tool that enables voters to report instances of voter intimidation, voting machine malfunctions, voter registration issues, polling place wait times, and more, for the purpose of exposing these incidents in the media and facilitating legal or law enforcement action if appropriate. Notably, the data is available free to the media and the public in real time.

Among its reports, has identified the locations of false ballot boxes placed by the California GOP and threatening Proud Boys emails sent to Democrats in several states that the FBI has linked to Iranian election interference.

SeeSay2020 is designed to publish validated reports of voting irregularities in real time, throughout early voting and Election Day. Reporters and legal advocacy organizations can directly access reports of voter suppression, voter intimidation, voting machine failures or irregularities, voter registration database issues or other obstacles voters may encounter.

“The SeeSay project was piloted in 2018 and immediately worked to daylight voter suppression as it was happening, just by making it all visible.” said Deepak Puri, creator of  “For too long, voters have known what they’re up against, without having a collective place to show it.”

“This election is charged with more potential obstacles than ever before – threats of voter intimidation, election interference, postal service disruptions and COVID-19. It’s imperative that we are able to independently collect incidents of election irregularities and make those reports freely available to the public,” said John Bonifaz president of Free Speech For People. “We are honored to work with SeeSay2020 on this important project.”