Check out our new video recapping major voting rights work in Minnesota, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona.

In 2020, Free Speech For People challenged a private mercenary contractor’s plan to hire and deploy armed ex-soldiers to polling sites in Minnesota. We filed a federal lawsuit against Atlas Aegis on behalf of the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Minnesota (CAIR-MN) and the League of Women Voters of Minnesota, arguing voter intimidation. The District Court ruled in our favor and granted landmark relief prohibiting Atlas Aegis from deploying armed agents within 2,500 feet of Minnesota polling places.

In Colorado, we have filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Colorado to stop an illegal voter intimidation campaign in the state.

We have taken legal actions in Texas and Arizona to challenge new voter suppression laws which disproportionately disenfranchise Black, Indigenous and Latinx voters. In Texas, we represent Mi Familia Vota and individual voters in a challenge of SB1, a voter suppression law enacted by the Texas Legislature. In Arizona, we represent a coalition of voting rights groups in challenging two voter suppression laws — SB 1485, which seeks to remove voters from the Permanent Early Voting List by 2024 if they do not vote in two consecutive election cycles, and SB 1003, which seeks to give voters only until 7pm on election day to cure a mail-in ballot that is missing a signature.

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