Victory is around the corner in New York state!

New York could become the 17th state to call for a constitutional amendment and the first state with a Republican controlled legislature in either house to do so.  A bipartisan majority of the NY Assembly signed onto a letter to Congress, calling for an amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling.

Thanks to the help of grassroots supporters and our allies on the ground, a group of 31 bipartisan state senators have signed a letter calling for this amendment. We are one signature away.

If you are a New Yorker, we ask that you make a call today, before the weekend, and help us drive this effort home.

You can ask the operator to connect you to your senator. (If you don’t know who your senator is, just give the operator your zip code and you will be connected.) If your senator has already signed the letter, tell them thank you for their support. If they have yet to sign on, we prepared a few talking points to get you started.

Together, we can—and we will—overturn Citizens United to reclaim democracy from special interest groups in New York!