November 4, 2011

Jeff Clements

I’m in Philadelphia to testify at a legislative policy committee on Citizens United and corporate political spending. Here’s a my testimony, Government of and by the People? Corporate Political Spending in America After Citizens United and the Urgent Need for the 28th Amendment.

Judy Wicks, a founder of businesses such as Free People (now part of Urban Outfitters) Mad Dog Cafe and networks such as BALLE (Living Economies), also testified on behalf of the American Sustainable Business Council about the need for the 28th Amendment to make our economy productive and able to serve the people and 21st Century needs. Nearly 1000 business leaders have joined Free Speech for People and the American Sustainable Business Council in calling for passage of the People’s Rights Amendment. Businesspeople can sign onto Business for Democracy here or here.

We’re hopeful that the Pennsylvania legislature will move forward with the Amendment Resolution calling on Congress to send the 28th Amendment overturning Citizens United and restoring the right of people to make the rules ensuring free and fair elections and representative government.

Occupy Philadelphia (OccupyPhilly) is in the square outside of City Hall. A lot of tents and people, well-organized, clear messages about government of the people and ending corporate domination of our government. Beside one tent with a big “love” sign on it is another one with a large “RON PAUL 2012″ sign.

Not too many other political candidate signs but clearly a wide spectrum from left, center and right (if those terms really mean anything) are represented here.

Small signs are posted saying “we police ourselves- please say something if you see aggression, public urination, drug use”. Apparently they do police themselves, because despite the large occupation of a complete city block of public square, I saw no police presence whatsoever, and everything is very peaceful.

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