Washington, D.C. – Today, a network of national and local organizations are holding #CountEveryVote events across the nation as a show of confidence by the American people in our democracy.

Events will take place in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York City, Washington, D.C., Oakland, San Francisco, Kenosha, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Baltimore, Boston, and Annapolis — as well as various towns in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Virginia, and many others. A map of today’s events can be found here.

“The will of the people is clear, and the counting of votes must continue until every vote is counted,” said Saru Jayaraman, Executive Director of One Fair Wage, a national organization of essential service workers mobilizing for today’s actions. “Our votes are essential, our voices must be heard. We are all essential.”

Events are led by organizations on the ground. Groups promoting the events include local Indivisible chapters, Presente.org, One Fair Wage, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Stand Up Republic, Alianza Americas, Our Revolution Massachusetts, Sunrise Movement, 350.org, and others. 

“Corrupt politicians will say whatever lies they can to hold onto power, but if we value democracy, it’s we, the people, who should decide who gets elected,” says Matt Nelson, Executive Director of Presente.org. “Yesterday was a historic day in the United States breaking records in voter turnout during this election season, notwithstanding significant voter suppression efforts across the country. We must demand that every vote be counted and that a government of, by, and for the people is sworn in,” continued Nelson. 

“We must protect the election by ensuring that every vote is counted. Once all votes are counted, we must demand a peaceful transition of power. Millions of people cast their vote this election in the midst of a deadly global pandemic. Democracy is at stake and communities must remain engaged, vigilant, and active to protect the results,” says Oscar Chacon, Executive Director of Alianza Americas.