Jim Wallis, the theologian, author, and CEO of Sojourners, has a terrific piece in Politico today.

Here are some of the finest parts:

Our deepest values have no price — our common ground, our common good, caring for our neighbor and looking out for the least and the lost — these are the values that work for us. Sadly, those aren’t the values of the current system.

But the aftereffects of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling is that corporations now enjoy the same freedom of speech as individuals. To turn corporations into “people” is not only a profound legal, historical and political misstep, it is a deeply offensive theological error. Remember, people are made in the image of God and corporations are not. To give corporations the same rights as people is a grave theological mistake. Corporations are merely mechanisms to leverage assets and pursue profits. People have hearts and lives, families and kids, jobs and obligations, personal feelings and moral commitments, loves and pains, births and deaths, joys and sorrows. Corporations have none of these. It’s important to bring values to those corporate conversations, but we should be under no illusions that “corporations” behave like “people.”

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