What We Are Doing

We are calling on the New York State Attorney to investigate whether to bring proceedings to dissolve the charter of The Trump Organization, Inc.

The Trump Organization has persistently violated the law and flagrantly abuses its state-granted powers by continuing to operate under Trump family ownership, while former President Trump was in the White House.

Join us in urging the New York Attorney General to dissolve the Trump Organization and revoke its corporate charter for abusing the authority that the state has given it.

“Never in our nation’s history, until now, has a business corporation been effectively merged with the presidency of the United States to enable the president and his family to use the presidency to enrich themselves.  The use of the Trump Organization to facilitate this corruption and continuous violations of the United States Constitution is contrary to New York law and it is incumbent on the Attorney General to investigate and take appropriate action.”

—  Ben Clements, Chair of the Board of Directors, Free Speech For People

Take Action

Please contact the New York Attorney General’s Office to add your voice in support of this call for an investigation into whether to dissolve The Trump Organization. And please share this letter and the attached materials with your networks. Attorney General James needs to hear from all of us. You can call and write her via the following contact information:


New York City office:
(212) 416-8000

Albany office:
(518) 776-2000


Send your letter to:

The Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, New York 12224-0341


Send your email to:

Click here for the contact
form to send an email
to the attorney general.


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