It’s being widely reported that Mitt Romney yesterday called for limits on campaign spending by teachers’ unions. A blog post at The Nation puts this succinctly in perspective.

The constitutional amendments we support would even-handedly enable the elimination of politcal contributions from for-profit corporations, incorporated non-profits, and incorporated labor unions alike. (For more on this, see our analysis of various bills here.)

Here’s an excerpt from the piece in The Nation, “Mitt Romney Embraces Campaign Finance Reform” by George Zornick:

His remarks, via Raw Story:

“We simply can’t have a setup where the teachers unions can contribute tens of millions of dollars to the campaigns of politicians and then those politicians, when elected, stand across from them at the bargaining table, supposedly to represent the interests of the kids. I think it’s a mistake. I think we’ve got to get the money out of the teachers unions going into campaigns. It’s the wrong way for us to go. We’ve got to separate that.”

By saying massive donations can skew political priorities, and saying “we’ve got to get the money out,” Romney is essentially endorsing the intellectual framework of opposition to Citizens United, which allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts influencing elections.

(For the full piece in The Nation, click here.)

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