On November 8, 2018, Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein and Board Chair Ben Clements spoke at the Boston #NotAbovetheLaw rally regarding the importance of protecting the Mueller investigation and pursuing impeachment to challenge the President’s egregious violations of the Constitution and abuses of office. The #NotAbove theLaw rallies took place last night across the country in response to the President’s latest move to obstruct justice, by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who had appropriately recused himself from overseeing  investigations into the 2016 election) and installing Matthew Whitaker (a Trump loyalist whose appointment appears to be unconstitutional) as acting Attorney General. Whitaker has repeatedly spoken out against the Mueller investigation and is now involved in overseeing the investigation, against which he has a clear bias.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Boston event and over 100,000 people rallied across the country to demonstrate that the President is #NotAbovetheLaw. In coverage of the event by the Boston Globe, Ron Fein and Ben Clements note:

Another speaker, Ron Fein, who is the legal director of the Newton-based Free Speech for People, labeled Whitaker a “Trump loyalist.”

“He’ll have no qualms whatsoever about attempting to undermine Mueller’s investigation,” said Fein.

Ben Clements, an attorney who serves as chairman of Free Speech for People, said Trump forced out Sessions because he wouldn’t protect him from Mueller’s probe. He described the president as lawless and corrupt.

“His most brazen act of obstruction has taken place in the last 24 hours,” Clements said.

As highlighted by Fein at the rally, impeachment can address the broad range of constitutional violations committed by Trump that will not be considered by the Mueller investigation, including receiving emoluments through his business interests, abuse of the pardon power, undermining the freedom of the press and more. While it is critical the Mueller investigation continue without interference by the President, the time is now to call on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of the President. (For more information on the case for impeachment, visit the Impeachment Project and grab a copy of The Constitution Demands It: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump.)

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