Senator McCain (R-AZ), raised his criticism of the Citizens United decision to a new level, calling it the Supreme Court’s “worst decision ever” in a speech at Oxford University on October 10th.

Below are excerpts from Huffington Post and Oxonian Globalist reports.

John McCain: Citizens United Is ‘Worst Decision Ever’ … ‘Money Is Money,’ Not Free Speech, by Nick Wing, The Huffington Post, 10/12/2012

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) continued his harsh criticism of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling this week, calling it the bench’s “worst decision ever.”

“They said money is free speech. Since when is money free speech?” McCain asked a crowd at an event put on by the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford, according to the Oxonian Globalist. “Money is money.”…

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McCain addresses Oxford, by Alice Robb, The Oxonian Globalist, October 11th, 2012

… McCain criticised the campaigns’ reliance on donations from corporations. “The system is now so, so terrible,” he said. He blamed the Supreme Court’s 2010 ruling to allow unlimited independent political expenditure by corporations and unions on the grounds of free speech, calling it their “worst decision ever.”

“They said money is free speech. Since when is money free speech?” asked McCain. “Money is money.” Under the current system, the average citizen does not have the same voice as a big contributor. What does an inundation of attack ads add to the conversation, asked McCain, who has sponsored legislation seeking to limit organisations’ contributions to political parties….

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