Free Speech For People Board Chair Ben Clements recently appeared on WGBH to discuss the impeachment hearing with Ambassador Sondland, during which Sondland confirmed the president’s plot to bribe and extort the Ukrainian government to assist his re-election campaign. Clements discussed this major development, as well as the context of these impeachment proceedings occurring after President Trump’s repeated abuses of power went unchecked.

“This is not about the Democrats thinking this will help them in the election. This is about the Democrats, in my view, misguidedly turning the other way from impeachable offense after impeachable offense,” said Clements.

Free Speech For People recently released comprehensive draft articles of impeachment that cover the full range of abuses of power by President Trump. They include his corruption of electoral processes; his abuse of the office to promote discrimination, hostility, and unlawful violence; and his violations of the emoluments clauses and self-enrichment, among other high crimes.

“Until the Republicans come back to some sense of duty to country and not just to this person that they either are in awe of or afraid of, we will continue to have a constitutional crisis and a demise of our democracy,” said Clements.

Watch the entire discussion here.