“We are facing at this moment a constitutional crisis,” says John Bonifaz, the Co-Founder and President of Free Speech For People, which is co-leading with RootsAction the national campaign for an impeachment investigation at www.impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org.  “President Trump’s decision today to fire the Director of the FBI raises serious questions as to whether he is engaged in obstruction of justice.  The FBI Director recently testified before Congress, revealing that the FBI is in the midst of investigating potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian Government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.  Members of the House of Representatives must now carry out their constitutional duty and initiate an investigation into whether the President has committed impeachable offenses, including obstruction of justice.  Our democracy is at stake.”

“This desperate ’Tuesday Night Massacre’ won’t stop the investigations into whether and how the Trump team coordinated with the Russian government,” says Ron Fein, Free Speech For People’s Legal Director. “It didn’t help Nixon, and it won’t help Trump.”

“Congress has stood by witnessing the unprecedented corruption and constitutional violations of the Trump for-profit presidency. Now it appears the President, aided and abetted by his supposedly-recused Attorney General, may have fired the FBI Director to obstruct the criminal investigations into his campaign and his administration. It’s past time for Congress to step up and begin an impeachment investigation,” says Ben T. Clements, Free Speech For People’s Board Chair, founding partner of Clements & Pineault, former federal prosecutor, and former Chief Legal Counsel to former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

On May 4, 2017, Free Speech For People and Campaign for Accountability, filed an amended complaint with the Federal Election Commission demanding “an immediate investigation” into whether the Russian government illegally spent money to influence the 2016 presidential election, in possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

The amended FEC complaint filed today can be accessed here.

Free Speech For People is a national non-partisan organization that works to defend our democracy and our Constitution.

To download a PDF of this statement, click here.