On January 20th, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Williams-Yulee, a Florida case challenging the Florida Bar’s rule prohibiting candidates for judgeship from personally soliciting campaign funds.

The Florida Bar, filed complaint against Lanell Williams-Yulee citing her alleged actions during her campaign for County Court Judge in Hillsborough County, Florida violated rules regulating the Florida Bar. Williams-Yulee was reprimanded by The Bar, and appealed to the Supreme Court of Florida, which held that directly soliciting funds for her judicial campaign violated bar rules. Williams-Yulee appealed the ruling, claiming that the Florida Bar rule violates the First Amendment protection of freedom of speech.

Now, the U.S. Supreme Court must answer the question: Does a rule of judicial conduct prohibiting candidates for judicial office from personally soliciting campaign funds violate the First Amendment?

In December 2014, Free Speech For People filed an amicus brief arguing that states have a compelling interest in protecting the dignity of the judiciary. And, Justice Scalia takes note and addressed the issue in court.

The audio from this week’s hearing can be streamed below. Around 5:40, Justice Scalia inquires about the judicial dignity.
Stream here: https://www.oyez.org/cases/2014/13-1499