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FSFP Chairman and Senior Legal Advisor Ben Clements Authors New Oped on Why The DOJ Must Reject Calls For President Biden’s Antitrust Nominee to Recuse Himself from The Department’s Case Against Tech Titans.

CommonDreams recently published a new oped by FSFP Chairman and Senior Legal Advisor Ben Clements on why the Department Of Justice must reject calls for President Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General for Antitrust, Jonathan Kanter, to recuse himself from the Department’s case against Google and other tech titans. In the new piece, Clements notes
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“Our democracy is on the line”: FSFP President John Bonifaz Featured in an Article on the Call for Congress to Delay Its August Recess to Pass the For The People Act.

FSFP President John Bonifaz was recently featured in a new Common Dreams piece on a twenty-two-member coalition call for the U.S. Senate to delay the August recess in order to pass the For the People Act. Since the House of Representatives passed H.R.1 in March 2021, Free Speech For People has been urging the U.S.
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Jasmine Gomez: Citizens United, the First Amendment, and the Ballot

Our Democracy Honors Fellow, Jasmine Gomez published an op-ed today to Common Dreams, on “Citizens United, the First Amendment, and the Ballot.” In Jasmine’s latest piece, she rebuts the critics of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, and reminds us all of our democracy’s aim for “political equality” — that is before the Court’s Buckley v. Valeo ruling. Jasmine writes,

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