Our democracy has been overtaken by corporate interests who have bought favor with politicians, putting up huge roadblocks to any legislation that benefits people. But all over the country people are fighting back and demanding change. In light of the recent Supreme Court McCutcheon v. FEC decision, we need this effort now more than ever.

America needs a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that declares that We the People have the authority to regulate election spending and that corporations shall not be endowed with the same rights and privileges as human beings.

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The 28th Amendment Roadshow, taking place in major west coast cities including Los Angeles, CA, Berkeley, CA, Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR are excellent opportunities to get involved and learn how join this growing movement.

Free Speech For People co-founder Jeff Clements will be speaking at both the Berkeley and Los Angeles events along with a roster of other amazing speakers. Click here to register for an event near you!