A new report, The Gospel of Citizens United: In Hobby Lobby Corporation pray for the right to Deny Workers Contraceptions released by People For the American Way Senior Fellow, Jamie Raskin chronicles what’s really at stake in the Hobby Lobby case:

“The outlandish claims of the company involved would not have a prayer except for Citizens United, the miracle gift of 2010 that just keeps giving. Hobby Lobby is a big business that wants to deny thousands of its female employees access to certain contraceptives, like Plan B and certain IUDs, which are supposed to be available to everyone under Obamacare but which the company says it finds theologically objectionable. Ironically, Hobby Lobby’s private insurance plan fully funded these religiously incorrect forms of birth control for several years before the 2010 passage of the Patient Care and Affordable Care Act and the Department of health and human services’ issuance of its “preventive services” rule, which made coverage for them obligatory. So it was the workings of Obamacare that apparently gave this business entity its corporate epiphany that these forms of birth control were sinful and the will to fight the contraceptives it had once been perfectly content to subsidize. Amazingly, this challenge produced an off-the-rails decision by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the tenth Circuit that the company’s “religious” rights had been violated.”

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Photo by Michael Rivera CC BY-SA (https- creativecommons.org licenses by-sa 3.0)