Tomorrow, March 25th, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments from both Hobby Lobby and Conestoga and will ultimately decide if corporations may assert the right of religious freedom, along with the “free speech right” to spend unlimited corporate money in our elections, as the Court ruled in the 2010 Citizens United case.

Just in case need a refresher about the cases: A kitchen cabinet manufacturer, Conestoga Wood Specialties, and a chain craft supply store, Hobby Lobby, areclaiming that they have a constitutional right to disregard a legal requirement to provide its female employees with health insurance coverage for contraception, coverage to which they are entitled under the new federal Affordable Care Act. The companies’ theory is that it goes against the corporations’ religion.

The future implications of a court case like this are endless. If corporations are given the right to religious freedom, what does this mean for the future of law? Can corporations have both the privileges of an incorporated status – with perpetual life and limited liability—and also the right to the same religious freedom we as people have? We don’t think so. And that’s why we submitted our amicus brief in the Conestoga case back in January.

If you don’t think so either, here are three ways to get involved:

1. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor. (We made it easy for you to do).

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We’ll continue to post updates about the case on our blog as they develop.


Photo by Michael Rivera CC BY-SA (https- licenses by-sa 3.0)