Update: the AMA is now live, here.

Later today, there’s a great opportunity to have your questions about the campaign for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United answered by our champion on Capitol Hill, Rep. Jim McGovern.

Rep. Jim McGovern will be hosting an “Ask Me Anything” session on the website Reddit, from 3pm to 4pm eastern time (12 noon to 1pm Pacific time) today.

Long a popular site among techies, Reddit entered the mainstream a few months ago when President Obama hosted a similar “Ask Me Anything” session there last August. (That session included the President indicating his support for an amendment.)

We’re expecting a pretty strong response to Congressman McGovern’s visit there today. Two weeks ago, a video of him introducing his two amendment bills on the House floor rose to top spot on the site (users vote posts up and down). It would be great to have a bunch of us there to support him, as there will likely be some unfriendly questions mixed in among others.

To participate, you’ll need a Reddit account. You might want to sign up for one now — you can do that here.

Then simply click here at 3pm ET / 12 noon PT and look for McGovern’s “Ask Me Anything” thread.

Also on Reddit, we were happy to see that our tool enabling you to call your Representative and Senators in support of McGovern’s amendment bills (for free) was posted there by a Redditor yesterday. We encourage you to use it to make a couple of calls yourself, if you haven’t already.

Click here to make a couple of quick calls now.

Thanks & see you on Reddit later!