Joanne Boyer

Op Ed News

December 15, 2011

Have you noticed all the recent activity surrounding constitutional amendments and overturning Citizens United? Take a look — there’s been a lot going on.

The hustle and bustle of the holidays, the background noise of the GOP presidential debates and before you know it, you’ve missed a story that takes root in the month of December. It’s the time of year when it’s pretty easy to lose track of some noteworthy news items, no matter how many aggregated news services or web sites you monitor.

I took note the last few weeks on all the activity around movement on a constitutional amendment to overturn the horrendous Supreme Court Citizens United decision. It seems as though every day brought another mention of someone doing something.

Back in August when I talked with John Bonifaz of Free Speech for People, the idea of amending the constitution seemed — at best — an idea that maybe would become a reality for my grandchildren. But take a look at this — all of which has come about in the last 6-8 weeks.

“There has been a flurry of activity,” Bonifaz said recently in a phone interview. “I believe the public is behind this idea and is ready to restore democracy to the people.  Members in congress are starting to hear from their constituents about the need to do this.

“I am thrilled.   Obviously the Occupy Movement has helped and I think people are realizing this is a very special moment in our history — that the time is now to create the change the country so desperately needs.”


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