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Bold Strategies for Achieving Political Equality Through a New Supreme Court

The unexpected death of the late Justice Antonin Scalia has opened a rare window of opportunity to undo perhaps the most despised Supreme Court decision of the modern era: Citizens United, the 5-4 decision that overturned decades of precedent to rule that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts to influence our elections.With a new 4-4 divide on the high court, and with the hope of a progressive court majority in 2016 or early 2017, the time to chart a course for reversing Citizens United and its doctrinal predecessor, Buckley v. Valeo, has finally arrived. It’s now time for campaign finance and corporate power reformers to move from defense to offense, and to heed a new call to redeem the promise of American democracy.
  • Submitted by: Scott Greytak
  • Moderator: John Nichols
  • Panelists: John Bonifaz

What are the takeaways for people who attend this panel? Why is this panel important to the progressive movement?

Attendees will be asked to unify around our country’s profound need for intentionality and action on campaign finance reform, and to join a new constituency for change. The panel will kickstart a boldly progressive, radically inclusive, and aggressively impact-driven effort to overturn Citizens United, to make real the American ideal of “one person, one vote,” and to reclaim American democracy for all.

Why should the Netroots Nation community vote for your session?

Last year’s Netroots Nation was the largest and most influential multiracial, multigenerational conference of 2015. This session seeks to continue last year’s conversation on campaign finance to its requisite end by connecting our current constitutional moment with bold new initiatives for turning the tide against big-money political dominance. Its seeks to connect the ambitions of activists and academics alike by challenging all attendees to join in an active redirection of their energies toward real, equitable, and sustainable campaign finance reforms.