On Friday, September 23,  YES On Prop. 59 coalition members held a press briefing and Q/A session to educate California voters on the ballot initiative calling on state Representatives to overturn Citizens United with a constitutional amendment.

Free Speech For People joined the co-author of SB 254 (now Prop. 59), Sen. Ben Allen to sign a massive “We The People” petition, calling upon the state’s Congress and Legislature to support Proposition 59.

Also in attendance were Kathay Feng, Executive Director, California Common Cause; Trent Lange, Executive Director, CA Clean Money Campaign; Emily Rusch, Executive Director, CalPIRG; Bri Holmes, Digital Media Strategist, Free Speech for People; Michele Sutter, Co-Founder, Money Out Voters In; Daniel Lee, Move To Amend; Westchester-Playa Democratic Club.

The Yes on Proposition 59 Coalition is asking California voters, who represent nearly 40 million people, to call on their representatives this November to support amending the U.S. Constitution to allow for reasonable limits on campaign spending, and to say that money is not speech and corporations do not have the same rights as human beings. The overwhelming domination of wealthy special interests in our elections is drowning out the voices of average Americans and threatening our democracy. A “yes” vote this November would send the biggest message yet in the national movement to end the detrimental impact of big money in our politics.

Watch videos from the event below.

Video courtesy of Global Voices For Justice