Free Speech For People Board Chair, Ben Clements, was on WGBH News to discuss the possibility of Congress beginning an impeachment investigation of the president, in the wake of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which is widely viewed as an impeachment referral to Congress.

As Clements recently noted in an op-ed for the Boston Globe, written with Free Speech For People Legal Director, Ron Fein, the Mueller report is a roadmap for Congress to begin an impeachment inquiry of the president. The Mueller report highlights the president’s repeated attempts to obstruct justice and interfere with the investigation by the Special Counsel.

Congress must not shirk its constitutional duty in the face of Trump’s continued violations. As Ben explains:

We’ve got the Mueller Report. We have 450 extremely damning, incriminating pages of evidence against Donald Trump. The Democrats do not have any more excuse to delay [impeachment investigations].

Watch the full interview here: