Last month, Texas enacted one of the country’s most restrictive voting laws in the modern era. With measures targeting many of the voting methods used during the COVID-19 pandemic, lawmakers largely suppressed votes from Texans of color and other marginalized communities.

This law is an assault on democracy in Texas. That’s why we filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Mi Familia Vota and individual voters against Texas Governor Greg Abbott and state election officials.

WATCH: Voting Rights are On the Line in Texas

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In our lawsuit, we argue that these changes to voting law in Texas create an undue burden on voters, especially those who are Black or Latino, in violation of the First, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Voter suppression has been consistent in Texas legislation since the state’s founding, proving that Texas officials’ claim that the law is targeting modern “voter fraud” is patently false.

This new law will force certain voters, based purely on their race or ethnicity, to jump through costly and time-consuming hoops to remain on the voter rolls, it will prevent counties from making voting safe and accessible, and it will create barriers for people who need assistance to participate in our elections. If allowed to stand, it will undermine decades of efforts to increase voter participation in Texas elections.

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