Today’s news is full of stories about the Court’s decision to take a new case that could open the door to allowing even more money into our elections. The New York Times also has an editorial crticizing the Court and drawing the connection between “Campaign Donations and Political Corruption”.

We are responding with a new petition calling for constitutional amendments to overrule the Court. The amendments we support would correct both the Court’s past mistakes in this area (in the Citizens United and Buckley cases) and any further damage the Court might do in this new case.

Our email launching this petition today is pasted below.

Earth to Supreme Court: no more big $ in our elections.

The Supreme Court just doesn’t get it.

Yesterday, they decided to take a new case that could deepen the damage the Court already did in its Citizens United decision.

We can’t let the Supreme Court keep moving America backwards. There’s only one way to overrule the Court: amend the U.S. Constitution.

Speak up for a constitutional amendment here.

Fortunately, along with this new threat, we also have new opportunities. Congressman Jim McGovern recently introduced 2 great amendments: (1) to get the big money out of our politics and (2) to make it clear that corporations don’t have the same rights as people. (Click through above to learn more.)

There’s huge public support for amendments like these, across party lines, including nearly 70% of Republicans and more than 80% of independents and Democrats. In November, voters in Montana and Colorado voted 3-to-1 in favor, even as Montana went for Romney by more than 10 points.

And we’re getting tremendous traction: already, 11 states, a quarter of Congress, and nearly 500 U.S. cities and towns have called for an amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Now it’s time to show our elected officials who’s on board.

Please sign on now to show your support for these amendments.

Despite all this evidence that America wants big money out of our elections, the Supreme Court is still moving in the opposite direction.

In taking the new case, they’ve opened the door to eliminating limits on how much money those who have it can give directly to political candidates’ campaigns, limits which have been at the heart of our election laws for more than 35 years. (Citizens United effectively eliminated limits on gifts to so-called “independent” groups, such as SuperPACs.) It could unleash another major wave of legalized bribery and corruption.

The Supreme Court is utterly out of step with America, and it’s up to us to prove it.

Sign on now, then ask 3 friends to join you.

Thank you.

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