Super PACs are unwelcome guests at the 2012 election party: Seven in 10 Americans say these private, campaign-spending organizations should be illegal.

Echoing widespread disapproval of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that authorized super PACs in 2010, a bipartisan 69 percent in this ABC News/Washington Post poll would ban them now. More than half, 52 percent, feel that way strongly.

Exercising what the high court characterized as free speech, these privately run political action committees can raise unlimited money from individuals, corporations and unions. They’re estimated to have spent $75 million to date on the 2012 election cycle, including nearly $70 million on the presidential contest – more than the candidates’ campaigns themselves.

Seventy-eight percent of independents and 70 percent of Democrats favor outlawing super PACs; fewer Republicans but a majority, 55 percent, agree. Banning these committees likewise is supported by 60, 70 and 82 percent of conservatives, moderates and liberals, respectively.

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