The Missoulian

C.B. Pearson, Verner Bertelsen and Becky Douglas

March 16, 2012

It’s time for Montanans to stand up for themselves.

More and more, our individual voices are getting drowned out by big money in politics. The recent Citizens United v. FEC decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has made the situation intolerable.

That’s why on Feb. 28, we filed a citizen’s initiative that we hope will appear on the 2012 ballot.

This initiative states clearly that corporations are not people. Corporations do not breathe, they do not have children, they do not die fighting in wars for our country, and they do not vote in elections.

We hope that you’ll stand with Montanans in this fight. This is one of the greatest challenges in our lifetime and we Montanans are in a critical position in this historic debate.

Here is what we’re up against: The Citizens United decision, supported by five of nine U.S. Supreme Court justices, ruled that corporations have a First Amendment-protected right to free speech that allows them to spend unlimited corporate money in our elections.

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