Alyssa Milano, actress and activist, penned a letter to our supporters calling on Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against the President. The President’s policy of separating immigrant children is yet another gross violation of the Constitution on top of many other abuses of power.  Ms. Milano recommends our new book, The Constitution Demands It, to learn more about the legal case for impeachment proceedings and maximize pressure on Congress to begin an impeachment investigation. Thank you, Ms. Milano! Read the full letter, below.

Enough of the delays and diversions 

Dear Friend,

The harm that Donald Trump is inflicting on innocent children by separating them from their families at the border isn’t just morally repugnant — it’s unconstitutional and an impeachable offense.

These children — these precious children — are protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment and the prohibitions against “cruel and unusual punishment” in the Eighth Amendment as soon as they are on U.S. soil.

But Donald Trump doesn’t care about these kids, and he doesn’t care about the Constitution. He is playing political games at these children’s expense and we have to stop him. That’s why you should read this book from my friends at Free Speech For People:

THE CONSTITUTION DEMANDS IT: The Case for the Impeachment of Donald Trump clearly lays out the ways in which Trump has violated the Constitution (over and over again) and why impeachment proceedings against him aren’t just justifiable — they’re necessary.

Make no mistake about it:

If we don’t stop him, Donald Trump will continue to degrade and violate our Constitution at the expense of all of us, but especially the most innocent and vulnerable among us. We must educate ourselves and accept nothing less than swift and appropriate action from our elected officials in Congress.

Read this book — it’s smart, informed, and accessible — and then join me in demanding impeachment proceedings against this President.

In solidarity and love,

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