Yesterday, AB 1819, the “Stop Foreign Influence in California Elections Act” passed out of the Elections Committee and is now headed to the Appropriations Committee. The bill prohibits foreign-influenced corporations from contributing to candidates, parties, or committees (including super PACs) in order to protect the integrity of California’s self-governance.

We are honored to support Assemblymember Lee’s bill, AB1819, which will prevent foreign actors from wielding influence over California elections through their ownership stake in US corporations,” said Courtney Hostetler, Senior Counsel for Free Speech For People. “By advancing this model legislation out of committee today, the California Assembly Committee on Elections has taken an important step toward protecting the state’s elections from foreign influence. We look forward to supporting Assemblymember Lee and his colleagues as the bill continues to advance through the California legislature.

Read the full press release from Assemblymember Alex here.

Read Courtney Hostetler’s written testimony to the Committee on Elections of the California Assembly and her remarks before the committee at the hearing on Wednesday, April 27, 2022