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Blagojevich and Legal Bribery

By SCOTT TUROW Published: August 17, 2010 The New York Times Chicago “With all respect to Wanda Brandstetter, the Constitutional amendment this nation most urgently requires is one that reverses the notion that unrestricted political spending deserves protection as free speech. Without that, who could fault a juror for looking around at contemporary political life
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New Groups Aim to Spend Big on Election Ads

By SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two new groups – one Republican-leaning, the other pro-Democratic – seeking to capitalize on a Supreme Court ruling allowing the use of unlimited donations for ads targeting candidates have gotten the go-ahead from election officials.

The Federal Election Commission on Thursday approved plans by the conservative Club for Growth and by Democratic activists to collect big contributions for ads on candidates. Both say the committees set up to run the ads will disclose their donors and spending to the FEC in publicly available reports.

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Three questions with Jeffrey Clements

By Patrick Ball/Staff Writer, GateHouse News Service

Concord — The Massachusetts Corporate Political Accountability Act is strong start but doesn’t fix the problem created by the Citizens United decision, according to Concord lawyer Jeffrey Clements.

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Massachusetts Legislators Back Free Speech for People (Not Corporate Persons)

The corporatocracy rolls on in a wave of black goo, drowning pelicans and our representative republic.  Steps that could limit CEO pay or require disclosure of corporate election funding are killed or stalled. 

But good news exists as well and it comes from the states.  Today it’s Massachusetts.  This is a model of how we will save this republic.

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