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Locate a town hall meeting in your area

California Member of Congress Date Time Location Rep. Pete Stark Saturday, September 17 9:00a Ruggieri Senior Center, 33997 Alvarado Niles Road, Union City, CA Rep. Pete Stark Saturday, September 17 11:00a Hayward City Hall, Council Chambers, 777 B Street, Hayward, CA   Florida Member of Congress Date Time Location Rep. Ted Deutch Tuesday, August 30 10:00a
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All you need to get started with the August Recess Project

Included below are step-by-step instructions for attending a town hall meeting or a meeting with your member of Congress, as well as resources and helpful tools to spread the word about Free Speech For People. We are grateful for your leadership and participation in this project. Resources Find your members of CongressFree Speech For People Lapel
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Give Us Our Law Back: Montana Fights to Stop Corporate Corruption

For nearly 100 years, Montana law prohibited corporate money in politics. Then came the Citizens United decision.

by Gwen Stowe, Jeff Clements
posted May 24, 2011

In Montana, corporations claim that the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission overturned a century-old anti-corruption law. Now state residents are fighting, all over again, to take their democracy back from corporations.

100 Years of Regulation, Gone

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Article: When Democracy Weakens

Bob Herbert

February 11, 2011

New York Times

As the throngs celebrated in Cairo, I couldn’t help wondering about what is happening to democracy here in the United States. I think it’s on the ropes. We’re in serious danger of becoming a democracy in name only.

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