On Saturday, May 18, Justin Amash became the first Republican member of Congress to call for impeachment proceedings against the president. Congressman Amash, the representative from Michigan’s 3rd district, laid out his thoughts on impeachment in a Twitter thread:

Congressman Amash joins a growing number of Members of Congress who have now spoken in favor of starting impeachment proceedings. They are also joined by over 900 former federal prosecutors who agree that, if Donald Trump were not president, he would have already been charged for committing numerous crimes.

The pressure is growing on Speaker Pelosi to take action – and it does appear that the tide is turning. Top Democrats of the House Judiciary Committee suggest they may call for impeachment inquiry, following Former White House Counsel Don McGahn refusal to testify in response to a Congressional subpoena.

Thank you to those brave Members of Congress who have called for an impeachment inquiry and to all the activists who continue to hold our leaders accountable. It is vital that Members of Congress uphold their oaths of office to defend our Constitution. We must start impeachment proceedings now against this lawless president.