In September 2018, Free Speech For People launched a campaign calling on Congress to begin an impeachment investigation of then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh, for committing perjury. We later expanded the grounds for an impeachment investigation to include allegations of sexual assault and bringing the judiciary into disrepute.

We were honored to work with Demand Justice on this campaign. Now, Demand Justice has prepared a 26-page report that makes the case for why Justice Kavanaugh needs to be investigated and details how the House Judiciary Committee can take action to launch the investigation.

As reported by Demand Justice:

Without a careful and thorough review of the Justice’s complete record, we cannot appropriately assess whether, how often, and about what, Justice Kavanaugh lied under oath, as many have cogently reported he did. Moreover, we cannot assess Justice Kavanaugh’s independence and impartiality on a number of issues that he may have encountered during his tenure in the George W. Bush administration, and that may deserve his recusal should they be taken up by the Court today. Finally, because of the incomplete investigation into the sexual assault allegations made by Dr. Ford and other women, we also do not have any comprehensive understanding of the truth of those allegations and whether Justice Kavanaugh acted inappropriately in his response to them.

It is now Congress–and only Congress–who can bring transparency and accountability to this process. The American people deserve to know why the usual advice and consent process was so badly broken last year, and whether allegations against Justice Kavanaugh of sexual assault, improper bias, and perjury have any factual basis. The public is just as entitled to a thorough review of his record now as it was before he was elevated to the Supreme Court.

Thank you to Demand Justice for this critical report detailing to Congress the case for an investigation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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