Free Speech For People today is celebrating Legal Director Ron Fein’s decade of service with FSFP fighting for our democracy as he transitions to becoming Chief Counsel for American Oversight. FSFP is proud to announce that Courtney Hostetler, FSFP’s longstanding Senior Counsel, will serve as FSFP’s new Legal Director.

Ron Fein became FSFP’s first Legal Director in January 2014 and has been instrumental in building the organization’s legal advocacy program across the country, challenging big money and foreign influence in our politics; protecting the right to vote and our elections; confronting unchecked corporate power; advancing constitutional amendments to reclaim our democracy; fighting corruption at the highest levels of our government; and holding insurrectionists accountable under the Constitution.

“It has been an honor to work with Ron Fein for more than a decade in the fight to defend our democracy and our Constitution,” said John Bonifaz, FSFP’s Co-Founder and President. “From day one in joining us, he has never been afraid to challenge abuse of power and to advance bold initiatives designed to lift up the promise of American self-government and political equality for all. We are grateful for all that Ron has contributed to FSFP. We will sorely miss him, but we know Ron will continue to serve as a champion for our democracy in his new position at American Oversight.”

“We are thrilled that Courtney Hostetler will become our new Legal Director,” Bonifaz continued. “Since joining us in September 2019, Courtney has been an outstanding and dedicated attorney for FSFP, leading critical projects to protect our democracy. Like Ron, she has the intellect, courage, and tenacity to take on the fight to defend our republic at this critical moment in history. I look forward to continuing to work with Courtney in this new capacity.”

“It has been a great pleasure working with Ron for the past ten years in the fight to defend our democracy,” said Ben Clements, FSFP’s Chairman and Senior Legal Advisor. “Ron has brought an extraordinary level of intellect, creativity, energy, and courage in taking on the gravest threats facing our constitutional democracy today.  We will dearly miss Ron but look forward to his continuing success in his new role at American Oversight.”

Clements continued: “Serving as our Senior Legal Counsel over the last several years, Courtney has likewise brought exceptional intellect, passion, creativity and leadership to her work and has been instrumental in advancing our voting rights work and several other key initiatives. We are very excited that she is taking on the Legal Director position and I look forward to continuing to work with her in this new role.”

“It has been a privilege to help build Free Speech For People’s legal advocacy program over the past decade, and I’m incredibly proud of the team’s cutting-edge work to restore, protect, and strengthen our constitutional democracy. I’m deeply thankful to John for his inspirational and innovative leadership, and to Ben and the Board for their guidance and support. While I’m excited for my next chapter at American Oversight, I’ll miss my colleagues at Free Speech For People and will celebrate their continued success,” said Ron Fein, outgoing Legal Director. “I’ve been honored to work alongside Courtney these past five years, and I’m confident that Free Speech For People’s legal advocacy will thrive under her leadership.”

“It has been both a joy and honor to work with Ron Fein as he led Free Speech For People’s legal team in defending civil rights and championing new strategies to protect our Constitution,” said Courtney Hostetler, FSFP’s new Legal Director. “I will miss working with him, but look forward to continuing the powerful work of Free Speech For People to progress us toward a just and truly equal democracy.”

Ron Fein’s last day at Free Speech For People will be April 12, 2024. With Courtney Hostetler’s transition to serving as FSFP’s new Legal Director, FSFP has opened the search for a new Senior Counsel. Interested applicants can learn more and apply via this link. For more information on FSFP’s overall work and its dedicated team, visit