FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein recently appeared on The BradCast to discuss the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and the constitutionality of holding him accountable for inciting the deadly January 6th insurrection after he’s left office.

“Even if Trump never wants to run for president again, the United States Senate needs to say that this is not acceptable conduct from a President to try and turn an army of his supporters against the Congress and try and overturn the election through violence. And if the Senate can’t take that step if the Senate can’t draw that line in the sand then it really means that we’ve become a really fragile and weakened system and I hope that’s not the case,” said Fein.

Earlier this month, Free Speech For People called for Congress to impeach, convict and disqualify Trump from any future federal office for inciting an angry mob which then marched toward Capitol Hill and engaged in a violent attack on the United States Capitol. Following Trump’s second impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives this month, the organization is pushing for the U.S. Senate to convict him and bar him from future federal office.

“It is not uncommon in the history, certainly of twentieth century dictators, for someone to rise to power, then be out, and then come back a second time with a vengeance. And that is a real risk with Trump that he may come back a second time and his plans, and his agenda, will be entirely based on wreaking vengeance on those who offended him and we will have no limits if Congress is not able to draw that line now,” said Fein.

Listen to the full discussion here.