Free Speech For People President John Bonifaz recently moderated a special briefing call featuring Legal Director Ron Fein and Senior Counsel Courtney Hostetler, where the legal experts discussed how the organization is fighting back to defend our democracy and our Constitution.

“Instead of celebrating the fact that our electorate has begun to better reflect the diversity of our country’s voters, and their needs, and their interests, and their goals, laws like the ones that we’re challenging in Texas and Arizona are undermining these rights…We are committed to aggressively representing our clients in challenging these harmful, unconstitutional laws, and will, of course, be looking for ongoing opportunities for us to protect voters in this country,” said Hostetler.

FSFP recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of civic engagement group Mi Familia Vota and individual voters, challenging Texas Senate Bill No. 1 (SB 1) a law designed to suppress votes from Texans of color and other marginalized communities. The organization also recently filed a lawsuit in Arizona, challenging two new voter suppression laws passed by the Arizona legislature, which will disproportionately disenfranchise Black, Native American, and Latino voters.

In addition to these election protection initiatives, FSFP has also sent letters to election officials in all fifty states and the District of Columbia, calling on them to abide by Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment and bar Trump and other insurrectionists from any future ballot.

“In our letters to these officials, we cited not only federal constitutional principles but in most cases specific state laws and precedents that supported the state official’s authority and obligation to exclude Trump and any other insurrectionists who run for federal office from the ballot. That’s because the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. These officials have taken an oath to support it,” said Fein.

Watch the full briefing call here.