Free Speech For People joined our Fight Big Money coalition partners to launch a new website that urges presidential candidates to sign on to the Fight Big Money agenda. This website brings together more than 20 democracy reform organizations, working together to activate supporters to demand presidential candidates sign onto our nonpartisan package of principles and policies for a government by the people – not big campaign donors.

Created by leading experts from nonpartisan democracy reform organizations, the Fighting Big Money agenda has been hailed as the best and most comprehensive road map for reducing the influence of money in politics and giving people a real voice in our democracy.

Any presidential candidate claiming to oppose big money in politics or the influence of wealthy special interests must lay out a concrete, detailed plan that reflects the agenda’s core principles and policies. For more details, you can read the whole Fighting Big Money, Empowering People agenda.

We’re calling on our supporters to sign the petition to tell all the presidential candidates to get serious about fighting big money in politics.

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