FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein recently appeared on The BradBlog to discuss our lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Election Commission for failing to investigate coordination between the Russian government and President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“This lawsuit that we’ve filed is to compel them to issue a decision. Now depending on the decision that they issue, we may have to go ahead and sue them over that decision but that would be a second step. Right now we’re just asking them to issue a decision already,” said Fein.

Free Speech For People and Campaign for Accountability filed the lawsuit over the FEC’s failure to respond to a previous complaint regarding the Russian government’s political spending in the 2016 election and coordination with former President Trump’s campaign. The new lawsuit seeks declaratory and injunctive relief due to the Committee’s failure to respond to that five-year-old complaint about potential violations of federal election laws.

“What has not happened is any accountability being placed on the Trump campaign or the Russian government for that interference,” said Fein.

Listen to the full discussion here.