FSFP President John Bonifaz recently appeared on The Young Turks to discuss our call for Attorney General Garland to resign for failing to take action against former president Trump and his associates for their attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and other federal crimes they may have committed.

“There is an urgent moment at stake here. Donald Trump and his associates are continuing to promote the Big Lie to undermine our democracy. They’re continuing to, frankly, promote the environment of political violence that we have in this country and Donald Trump himself is preparing to run for president again. If there is no accountability for this former president, it’s setting a very dangerous precedent going forward not just for Donald Trump, but for other elected officials,” said Bonifaz.

Last month, Free Speech For People published a statement urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to resign from his post after several months of inaction to hold President Trump and his allies accountable for a number of potential federal crimes. The statement, accompanied by a new petition drive, also outlined the Attorney General’s defense of Trump-era Department of Justice policies designed to protect Trump from the repercussions of his conduct.

“The question is whether we are going to allow somebody who engaged in these kinds of various crimes to get away with it, and the message being that some people are above the law. We have to hold everyone accountable regardless of whether they’ve held the highest office in the land. And that’s what’s at stake here: again, the rule of law and our Constitution, our democracy,” said Bonifaz.

Listen to the full discussion here.

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