FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein recently appeared on Maine Challenge to discuss foreign-influenced corporate spending in elections and the fight to get money out of our political system.

“One of the issues that we at Free Speech For People have been working on is this issue of corporate political spending in those cases where the corporation is partly owned by foreign investors because that actually changes the legal calculus in a way that Citizens United didn’t address,” said Fein.

Since its inception, FSFP has researched, drafted, and fought for state and local legislation across the country to fight political spending by foreign-influenced corporations. The organization has also been working to challenge super PACs and end the dominance of big money in our elections. Earlier this year FSFP reiterated its support for the Democracy For All Amendment after Virginia became the twenty-second state to support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

“We have been working since 2010 on a constitutional amendment campaign and roughly half the states that would be needed to ratify a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United have passed resolutions implicating that they are prepared to do so,” said Fein.

Watch the entire discussion here.

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