On Monday, March 15, Legal Director Ron Fein will provide live testimony on a number of proposed bills that could limit political spending by foreign-influenced corporations in Maine.

One of the proposed bills, LD 479, provides a productive starting point for comprehensive legislation to challenge foreign-influenced corporations from interfering in Maine state elections. Fein’s remarks detail a number of amendments that could strengthen the proposed bills.

The recommendations include:

  • lowering the thresholds for defining a foreign-influenced corporation;
  • requiring the CEO of any corporation spending money in Maine elections to certify that the corporation does not meet the definition of a foreign national. This will simplify the compliance-monitoring burden for state officials and third parties;
  • adding an additional provision that more explicitly addresses political spending through trade associations.

Free Speech For People does not endorse any of the bills in their current form, but applauds the starting point.

Free Speech For People has researched, drafted and fought for legislation in St. Petersburg, FL, Seattle WA, New York, and other states to challenge foreign-influenced corporate spending.

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