You’re never too young to learn about money in politics!

Free Speech For People Legal Director Ron Fein was recently quoted in the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s publication for children, The Legal Eagle. The newspaper provides legal news and stories to kids, grade five and above. The Fall 2018 issue is a special voting edition and includes a section on Citizens United and the 28th Amendment.

From the newsletter:

Across the country, momentum is building for a so-called 28th Amendment that would repeal Citizens United. But what would that amendment look like?

The Legal Eagle answered this question by citing Ron’s chapter on the 28th Amendment in a forthcoming book on campaign finance:

In a forthcoming book titled “Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America,” which
 is co-edited by Professor Mazo, Ronald Fein writes that the amendment “would establish political equality as a legitimate public goal for campaign finance reforms, and allow federal, state, and local governments to set limits on fundraising and spending in elections.” Fein, legal director of Free Speech for People, a national, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advocating for the 28th amendment, wrote a chapter in the book titled “Fixing the Supreme Court’s Mistake: The Case for the Twenty-Eighth Amendment.”

“The first key question is whether the amendment should focus only on money in politics, or address other issues as well,” Fein writes. “The Citizens United case brought together two sets of issues: campaign finance, and the constitutional status of corporations… Of those who support both goals, some argue that both must be accomplished in a single amendment, while others believe that passing an amendment on campaign finance alone will be more expedient than passing a combined amendment, and may indeed accelerate passage and ratification of a later corporate rights amendment.”

To learn more about our work and the 28th Amendment, click here! And find the entire Legal Eagle Fall 2018 issue here to share with your favorite young legal scholars!