In a heartwrenching story over the weekend, the New York Times revealed new details in Deborah Ramirez’s sexual misconduct allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. In the article, journalists Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly reported that the FBI failed to interview any of the 25 witnesses named in the Deborah Ramirez case, ignoring her story during the Senate’s rushed confirmation process for Justice Kavanaugh.  The article also included a new, previously unreported allegation from a classmate who claims to have witnessed Justice Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct against another fellow student. The FBI was informed of this allegation during the confirmation process, but reportedly never investigated it. 

During Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Free Speech For People called for an impeachment inquiry based on evidence of perjury in 2004, 2006, and 2018, alleged sexual assault, and bringing the judiciary into disrepute.  Many people, including several presidential candidates, are now joining that call for impeachment proceedings against Justice Kavanaugh.

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These latest allegations only confirm the need to reopen an investigation into Justice Kavanaugh’s background and potentially remove him from office. Tell Congress it must launch an impeachment investigation of Justice Kavanaugh.