An important new report from our friends at Public Citizen sheds light on the voluntary disclosure of campaign contributions from 24 corporations totaling $8,750.000 to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The report finds that while these 24 (which are listed in full in the report) have disclosed their amounts, there are still countless more whose identities are still unvailable to the public.

The report reads:

“24 reported making contributions to the U.S. Chamber. These contributions totaled $8,750,000. Of this, $6,516,500 was reported in the category of non-deductible… Including chemicals (Dow Chemical Co.), insurance (Prudential Financial Corp.), railroads (CSX Corp.), electric utilities (Exelon Corp.), retail sales (CVS Caremark Corp.), and food and beverages (Pepsico Inc.). Of the 24 companies that disclosed their contributions, 23 are in the Fortune 500. Full disclosure of corporate contributions to organizations that spend on elections is a necessary step towards understanding the forces that influence the U.S.”

Read the report in full here.