While poll after poll shows that 90% of people believe that we have a right to know what is in our food, large agribusiness companies have helped shaped a policy that does not reflect the wishes of the American people. We at Free Speech For People believe that the question of GMO labeling or related GMO issues ought to be a matter for the people to decide based on public interest concerns.

However, many large corporations like Monsanto, Dupont and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are using their extreme wealth to ensure their interests are upheld despite public consensus. In fact, next month the citizens of Washington State will vote on their I-522 ballot initiative to label food containing GMOs (genetically-modified organisms). Monsanto and other donors have spent upwards of 22 million dollars to try to stop it from passing. But, if they lose tomorrow, Monsanto and other corporations will likely try to stop the law another way: by suing to strike the law down on the fabricated claim that it violates their “corporate speech rights.” The Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United not only allowed for even greater dominance by big money forces in our elections.

It also extended the fiction that corporations are people with constitutional rights. As a result, our public interest laws face attack when they counter what the corporate forces want. Join us by signing this petition telling Monsanto to stop skewing the political debate around GMOs to reflect its corporate interests over the public interest and to stop claiming that it has free speech rights which trump our right to know what is in our food.