On the sixth anniversary of Citizens United, momentum grows in favor of solutions AT “The Campaign Finance Crisis in America and How to Fix It: A Solutions Summit.”

JANUARY 21—Experts on money in politics gathered at the Brookings Institution on the sixth anniversary of the Citizens United v. FEC ruling.  Our co-founder, John Bonifaz joined panelists to discuss solutions for reform and how to best reduce the influence of money on our democracy. Participants at the panel included current and former members of Congress, business leaders, lobbyists, state Supreme Court justices, two former chairs of the FEC from both parties, among others.

View the full list of speakers here.

Those individuals, representing a spectrum of the most conservative and liberal political sides, formed a consensus that the current campaign finance system must be fixed, and that momentum is growing for those seeking reform.

Panel topics ranged from the many policy options available to “bring democracy back toward Main Street” to explaining how the 2016 election cycle has created a “bottoming out” effect, and presented new opportunities for reform.  A variety of solutions are presented in Blueprints for Democracy, an initiative from Issue One and Campaign Legal Center.

The bipartisan support, as shown at the Brookings event, demonstrates a growing reform movement across the country. Momentum for change is building, and the time to fix our campaign finance crisis is now!

Watch the full panel in the videos below.

See photos from the event on the Issue One Flickr page.

Audio from the event is available here.